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Josh Hutcherson - Saturday Night Live (Nov. 23, 2013)

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giorgyporgy said: where'd you get your flawlesssss icon photo?

I got it on tumblr

n4tster said: You do ONLY Josh Hutcherson gifs? I have a request for a Hutch Dano one because it's hoooottttt. :p Lololol.

Yes, only Josh. I’m sorry. You might have better luck with a more generalized gif blog.

lovelylahey said: can I use the gifs as reaction gifs as well or is it just for reblogging?

Yeah, that’s fine. :)

thankyou-for-yourconsideration said: What link did you use for you "Clapton Don't Dance" GIF? I was going to use your GIF, but i thought i'd be stealing it.

Here. But feel free to use it if you credit me.

whatmakesmewhat said: THANK YOU FOR THIS BLOG !<3 i love it so muchhh , its the best :D

weakness-is-our-strength-lll said: do you have a source to that gif from detention?

Uh, I think it was on the facebook page or something?

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"Clapton don’t dance."

Please don’t repost my gifs…
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